zondag 11 juli 2010

sunny day

Hi loves,

A few days ago my friend B. ( http://lavinrose.blogspot.com/ ) and I went chilling in the parc. We had lots of fun, we laughed a lot about stuff which aren't even funny, like we always do!

We bought salads, watermelon, bread and pesto, but B's sauce wouldn't open, so when we finally opened it, the sauce flew everywhere and landed on us, our clothes and the grass. Even though we were dirty it was so funny! ( and this is probably not proper English, so I hope you guys understand what I mean ).

I have a few photographs of our lovely day, so hope you'll enjoy them!

The first one shows my outfit of that day, on the second one it's B. and I and a watermelon, the third one it's me with my salad, and the last one is me with my delicious watermelon. :)
(please don't mind the unhappy faces)

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