maandag 2 augustus 2010


Hi Guys!

Today was my birhtday! I turned 17! :) But I'll tell you soon more !

Now some news;

Lara Stone for french Playboy! ( See some previews below. )

This Dutch supermodel is now suing the magazine, because they used unauthorized photo's of her, which she does not approve.
She feels she had no other option. She says: 'Playboy had no right to publish these unauthorised photographs, It’s not the kind of publication I would ever choose to appear in; I feel I have no option but to take steps to protect my reputation.'

This wasn't the first time the supermodel went naked for a shoot. She was covergirl for LOVE magazine, in the February issue. ( See the photo below. )

What do you think about Lara being naked, not only for playboy? And about her suing playboy? Please let me know!

Lara Stone for french playboy:

Lara Stone for LOVE magazine:


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